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Earth Charter The TLC endorses the Earth Charter Initiative

These following courses are offered at OISE / UT that fall under some of the themse of the TLC. Please check with OISE departments to verify course availability.
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Core Courses on Transformative Learning

AEC 1160 H Introduction to Transformative Learning Studies

This is the foundation course for Transformative Learning studies. It is designed to introduce students to a global planetary perspective. The concept of a global world orderwill be examined from historic, critical, and visionary perspectives. Issues of development/underdevelopment, human rights, and social justice perspectives are considered. A critical understanding of social power relations will be highlighted in the areas of gender, class, and race dynamics. The topics are approached as interdependent dimensions within a holistic education perspective.
E.V. O’Sullivan

AEC 3126 H Transformative Education and the Global Community: Creativity and Social Change

This course considers those conditions operating in our contemporary world that are enhancing or are fragmenting the development of a “world community.” Special attention will be given to the problems presented by nation states – that is, violence as a resolution to social conflicts within and between nation states. The mass media and educational institutions will be examined as contributing factors to state violence and the attendant fragmentation of efforts of community mobilization toward a global world community. A strong emphasis on global-ecology issues will be pervasive.
Anne Goodman

Popular Education and Community Development

AEC 3131 Popular Education: Comparative and International Perspectives

AEC 1104 H Community Education and Organizing

AEC 1102 H Community Development: Innovative Models

AEC 1145 H Participatory Research in the Community and the Workplace

AEC 1400 H Creative Empowerment Work with the Disenfranchised: Healing and Collective Action

AEC 1165 H Poetry, Social Movements and Adult Learning

AEC 1180 H Aboriginal World Views: Implications for Education

AEC 3119 H Global Perspectives on Feminist Education, Community Development and Community Transformation

AEC 1408 H Working with Survivors of Trauma

SES 1988 H Diversity and Social Justice Issues in Physical Education, Recreation and Sport

SES 2999 H Special Topics in Sociological Research in Education: Aboriginal Women's Voices

Citizenship Learning and Participatory Democracy

AEC 3131 Citizenship Learning and Participatory Democracy

CTL 1312 H Democratic Citizenship Education

CTL 1318 H Teaching Conflict and Conflict Resolution

SES 2999 H Education, Historical Memory, and Civic Life

SES 1928 Y Conducting Citizens: Moralities, Sexualities, and Racist National Policies

SES 3999 H Special Topics in Advanced Sociological Research in Education: The Communicative Foundations of Democracy: Public Space/ Public Time

TPS1435 H Democracy and Education

TPS1438 H Democratic Approaches to Pedagogy

Environmental Education

Peace and Human Rights Education

Spirituality and Education