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Multiple Currents:
Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning

Conference on Transformative Learning
Toronto, Canada  
November 01-04, 2001

Art work by Lisa Lipsett.

If you attended the conference, you know that it lived up to its title of "Multiple Currents: Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning." In between the fascinating keynotes and spellbinding concert performances by Manuel Obregon and the Fire-Up Blues Band were around a hundred workshops, arts-based installations and multi-media paper presentations that reflect gifted and visionary people expressing experience and knowledge while freeing themselves of narrow academic frameworks.Email addresses for many of the presenters are on-line. Work has commenced on several readers that are inspired by the conference. If you have not submitted a paper that you presented at the conference, please email it to by mid-December 2001 so that it may be considered for inclusion in one of the readers.