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The Transformative Learning Centre at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
and co-sponsors The Indigenous Education Network at OISE/UT, Resurgence Magazine and Mpambo, the African Multiversity
in collaboration with Paulo Freire Institute (Brazil), Centre for Ecology and Spirituality, and Institute for Environmental Studies
present a Celebratory Gathering:

Spirit Matters: Wisdom Traditions and the "Great Work"
May 13th - 16th, 2004,
Toronto, Canada


Come discuss, explore and celebrate the core teachings and practices of
the Great Wisdom Traditions for the well being of the Earth Community.

"To partake of the wisdom traditions we need to explore possibilities across parochial boundaries and to appreciate core spiritual insights independently of the institutional religions that may have grown up around them. If we can cross dividing lines and seek honestly and openly, the wisdom traditions illuminate central issues of our time."

Charlene Spretnak, States of Grace 

Featuring David Abram, Gregory Cajete, Larry Daloz, Jorge Ferrer, Laara Fitznor, Matthew Fox, Ursula Franklin, bell hooks, Satish Kumar, Michael Lerner, Diane Longboat, Oren Lyons, John Mohawk, Raffi, Edmund O'Sullivan, Pramod Parajuli, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Vandana Shiva, Suwanda Sugunasiri, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Paulo Wangoola and Marion Woodman. (biographical information)

This event honours Thomas Berry who, due to ill health, will be with us in spirit and film..

Dialogue Workshops A range of Spiritual Wisdoms including First Nations Indigenous, Celtic, Women’s, Indigenous African, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Christian Creation-Centered, African American, Chinese, Pagan, Jewish Renewal, agnostic and others.

TLC Honorary Concert Belle Arte Singers and Simbiosis performed by Manuel Obregon