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Learning Toward an Ecological Consciousness: Selected Transformative Practices

Edited by Edmund O'Sullivan and Marilyn Taylor



Published by Palgrave Macmillan
January 2004

ISBN 1403963045 Hardcover
ISBN 1403963053 Paperback

About the Book
In their latest book, Edmund O'Sullivan and Marilyn Taylor highlight the pedagogical practices that foster transformation from our current way of thinking about our place in the world to an underlying ecological way of seeing and acting. Learning Towards Ecological Consciousness offers the reader a selection of transformative practices that demonstrate, in specific contexts, the complex journey and contextual conditions that move us forward towards a deeper realization that we are part of the world around us, holding a greater promise for deeper ecological awareness. To this end, thirteen chapters offer a rich array of practices in diverse life settings--educational environments, communities and workplaces and personal relationships. Contributors and their material represent a range of cultures, work setting and professions. The aspect of O'Sullivan and Taylor's new book that distinguishes it from other books in the field is its exploration of how consciousness can be transformed through practices, experience and action.

About the Authors

Edmund O'Sullivan is with the Transformative Learning Centre at the Ontario Institute for Studies on Education (OISE), University of Toronto.
Marilyn Taylor is Professor of Social Policy, University of Brighton.