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The following are books recently published by TLC associates that are of relevance to transformative learning.


New Publication:
Circles of Transformation: Finding Our Way in the 'Great Work'

Authored by the Transformative Learning Centre Spirit Matters Collective.

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New Publication:
Ruptures, continuities and re-learning:
The political participation of Latin Americans in Canada

Jorge Ginieniewicz & Daniel Schugurensky, Editors
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Expanding the circle: People who care about ending racism

by Ann Curry-Stevens



Sustainability and the Civil Commons: Rural Communities
in the Age of Globalization

Jennifer Sumner
University of Toronto Press, 2005



Lifelong Citizenship Learning, Participatory Democracy
and Social Change

Karsten Mundel and Daniel Schugurensky (eds.)
Transformative Learning Centre, OISE/UT, 2004



Learning Toward an Ecological Consciousness:
Selected Transformative Practices

by Edmund O'Sullivan and Marilyn Taylor



Now what? Developing our Future: Understanding our
Place in the Unfolding Universe

By Anne Goodman
"Anne Goodman's book is a brilliant discussion of the the holisitc

and highly dialectic worldview that lies in the deeper recesses
of the collective unconscious."





Expanding The Boundaries of Transformative Learning:
Essays on Theory and Praxis

By Edmund O'Sullivan, Amish Morrell, Mary Ann O'Connor
"This is truly a unique book. It challenges us to transform ourselves
and our planet by being aware of the creative cosmic power that
flows through ourselves and the universe we inhabit.



Transformative Learning: Building Educational Vision
for the 21st Century

By Edmund O'Sullivan
"An inspiring and innovative alternative vision for education in the new
millennium". "Invaluable material for researchers and practitioners in
education, philosophy and development"



Designing the Green Economy: The Postindustrial Alternative
to Corporate Globalization

By Brian Milani
"A concise, deeply-researched, practical guide for shaping
sustainable economies."



The Nature of Transformation: Environmental Adult Education

By Darlene Clover, Shirley Follen & Budd Hall
"This is an excellent book for people who are beginning to explore
alternative education approaches."



Indigenous Knowledges  in Global Contexts:  Multiple Readings
of Our World

Edited by George Dei, Budd Hall, and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg