Associate Professor
  Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology

  The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
  7-119 OISE -- (416) 923-6641 ext. 2356 -- dschugurensky@oise.utoronto.ca

  Ph.D., Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta, 1994

Recent Courses


AEC 3131H: Popular Education: Comparative and International Perspectives

2010 Outline

2004 Outline 


AEC 3182H: Citizenship Learning and Participatory Democracy

2009 Outline

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AEC 1100: Outline of Adult Education


Questions & Answers about Adult Education

Fall 2002 Questions

Fall 2001 Questions

History of Education: Selected Moments

AEC 1114: Comparative and International Perspectives in Adult Education


EDU 5222/5582: Perspectives on Adult Education (ITE)


Questions & Answers about Adult Education


UCS 1000: Community Development: Theory and Practice

Thesis Supervision (Completed)

Postdoctoral Supervision

2003-2004. Monica Escobar. Informal learning and gender in local democracy. The case of Villa El Salvador, Peru.


Thesis Supervisor

2010. Karim Remtulla (Ph.D.). Socio-cultural impacts of workplace e-learning: Epistemology, ontology and pedagogy.

2010. Jelena Damjanovic (MA.). Citizenship learning of adult immigrants in ESL programs: it will help you pass the citizenship test, but it won’t make you (m)any Canadian friends.

2009. Nelson Rosales (M.A.). From Opposition to Government: Continuities and Ruptures in Democratic Discourses and Practices.

2009. Behrang Foroughi (Ph.D.). Learning Democracy through Community Management: The Case of Toronto Community Housing Corporation.

2008. Jorge Ginieniewicz (Ph.D.). Citizenship Learning and Political Participation of Immigrants: The Case of Latin Americans in Toronto.

2008. Erica Thekla McCollum (M.A.). Participatory governance in public housing? Understanding spaces for participation and empowerment through the Tenant Representative role.

2008. Eynolah Ahmadi-Bidhendi (Ph.D.). Employment Facilitation Programs for Professional Immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area: Surveying Participants’ Opinions About the Programs.

2007. Gisela Vanzaghi (M.A.). Building inclusive communities: the Meals on Wheels program at St. Christopher House.

2007.  Yuka Hashimoto (Ph.D.). "Becoming Activated": Transformative Learning and Education for Social Change Through an Undergraduate Course.

2007. Fiona Duguid (Ph.D.) "Part of the Solution": Developing Sustainable Energy through Cooperatives and Learning.

2007. Katie Marie Hinnenkamp (M.A.) Bicycles traveling in the rain: a participatory, arts-informed account of Mexican farmworkers in Canada.

2006. Karsten Mundel (Ph.D.) "Walking through your old way of thinking": The learning dimension of farmers' transitions to sustainable agriculture.

2006. Kate Rogers (M.A.). Social movement learning: The case of Frente Cívico.

2005. Nancy Latimer (Ed.D.). Becoming a nurse: Changing perceptions of nursing students' in a baccalaureate program.

2005. Ann Curry-Stevens (Ph.D.). Pedagogy for the Privileged: Building Theory, Curriculum and Critical Practices.

2005. Lynn Skotnitsky (M.A.). Building Community Capacity in Winnipeg's Inner City: Exploring the Learning and Resource Needs of Boards of Directors in Non-Profit Organizations.

2004. Tracy Urban (M.A.). The lived experience of disadvantaged students in a liberal arts program: a heuristic inquiry.

2004. Martha Barriga (M.A.) Transformative learning and informal environmental education: the case of community gardens.

2004. John P. Myers (Ph.D). Pedagogy and politics.  Teaching democratic citizenship in Brazil and Canada .

2004. Donna Koller (Ph.D). Student participation in education governance. The case of student trustees in Ontario.

2004. Kevin Byron. Honour’s thesis (B.A.). International Development Studies, University of Toronto. Capacity building for civic engagement in Perú: “The School for Leaders for Human Development.”

2003. Nadya Weber (M.A.). Legislative Theatre: Citizen Action in Local Democracy.

2003. Monica Ruitort (M.A.).  Evaluating International Adult Education Programs in Health: A Case Study of the Chile-Canada Primary Health Care Training Program.

2002. Karsten Mundel (M.A.). Examining the Impact of University International Programs on Active Citizenship: The Case of Student Praxical Participation in the Mexico Canada Rural Development Exchange.

2002. Bill Rankin (Ed.D.). The educational dimension of shared ownership programs in the corporate sector. A case study. 

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