Academic Assessment of Honour Specialist Courses

The process of evaluating academic credentials for admission to Honour Specialist courses is a complex one. Official transcripts from all institutions attended must be provided. Applicants may also be required to present some or all of the following additional information to facilitate the academic assessment:

  • Evidence that their degree is equivalent to a 20 full course four-year bachelor's degree (excluding teacher education courses) acceptable to the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Teachers;
  • Information about the program of study which shows the content of the 4 year-degree;
  • Course descriptions of the prerequisite courses in which the Honour Specialist is being sought;
  • Grades attained in individual courses in the 4-year degree;
  • Information about the weights of individual courses in the 4-year degree which will identify full, half or quarter courses;
  • Conversion of the grade scales used at the specific institution to calculate the average in the prerequisite courses in which the Honour Specialist is being sought.
  • Official English translation of foreign transcripts including credit hours completed and grades/degree standing obtained.(read under Important Information for Applicants Submitting Academic Documents from Other Countries)

Pre-Assessment Service

The Additional Qualification Unit of the Registrar's Office will conduct academic pre-assessments between October 13th and the end of February upon receipt of your written request, official university transcripts, a copy of your current Certificate of Qualification. Thus, any academic course deficiencies could be corrected in preparation for registering in the respective Honour Specialist course. Assessment of eligibility for Honour Specialist courses usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Verification Letters for Honour Specialist Courses

Requests for verification letters listing courses used towards the academic admission requirements of an Honour Specialist will be processed only:

  • After the successful completion of the course(s);
  • Upon receipt of a written authorization from the teacher to release this information. The authorization must be accompanied by a copy of the letter from the appropriate organization confirming that this information is required from OISE/UT;

While every attempt is made to send these letters promptly, please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for processing.